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The future is so very unsure. Especially, how would the young guns will cope with the fast paced changes that future will offer. The only thing for sure is that attention and increased levels of concentration will play an integral part for success. So from management of mindset to finer feelings, everything needs to be channelized in the right direction. This is where Nurture4Future is pivotal, a solution to surf ahead with ease & joy.

Nurture4Future motivates the mind. Inspires the heart of the kid. Just as you nurture your little one, we do our best to come close and bring about a stability in your child’s emotional quotient, make them more social, sharpen their brain, make them smarter, and also take them towards the path of spirituality. We strongly believe these to be the four pillars for a successful, balanced and happy life.

We have divided the program in 6 modules which contribute to build these 4 pillars in your child’s life.


1. Midbrain Activation
3. Mindfulness
4. Beautifying Thoughts
6. Parental Consultation
Nurture 4 Future Advantages

Through Nurture4Future, your child is better prepared to face real world situations. They will transform and achieve:

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem,
  • Sharp Observation,
  • Better Concentration,
  • Stronger Memory,
  • Positive Attitude & Better Personality,
  • Intuition,
  • Decision Making Skills,
  • Sense of Responsibility,
  • Emotionally Balance,
  • Loving & Compassionate,
  • Heightened Sensory Awareness
Nurture 4 Future Course Curriculum

Our course is extensive and exclusive.

  • Different games for Concentration, Memory and Observation
  • Brain Gym Exercises and Eye Ball Exercises
  • Practice of Mindfulness and Building Values
  • Training in Super-brain Yoga – to remember things
  • Affirmation and Self-Empowering Tools
  • Midbrain Music
  • DMIT + DMIT Counselling
  • Parental Talk + Consultation
More about Nurture4Future:

Nurture4Future is a 3 months program. The first 2 days, would consist of 8 hour sessions, starting from 10am to 6pm. This would be followed by ten 3hrs, follow-up sessions which would be held every week. We provide your child with an amazing infrastructure to grow in with best faculty for great counseling sessions. The program is affordable and is an instrumental program which focuses on building academic as well as life skills and adversity skills.

Nurture4Future is not just an optional add-on program. It is an essential program for Optimal Learning, Left and Right Brain Balance, Emotional Balance and for Developing the Mind and Heart.


Our relation with your child is not limited to the duration of the course. Once your child becomes a student of Nuture4Future, they always remain a student of Nuture4Future.

A child is allowed unlimited number of repeat classes.*

*Conditions Applied.

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