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“Something I wanted to share with you since long…”

Dear Mommy & Daddy,

I hope you won’t get mad at me for writing this letter. But then, you’ve always told me never to keep any secrets from you both. So here it goes…


Remember the morning when I was all paranoid and scared about not completing my homework. It was not because of the fear of getting scolded at school, but it was the guilt that I forgot to do it. I just totally forgot!


Remember, when I fell at the basketball court dribbling my way to the basket? I could hear you getting mad at the defender for tripping me. It wasn’t his fault. That is what he is supposed to do. Perhaps, I was too nervous to play. I was scared that if I don’t play well, I will disappoint you.


You also scolded me for choosing to monitor operations backstage over stepping up to play ‘Julius Caesar’. Well, it was not stage fright that made me do it. I just love to manage things backstage, you know!


Mom & Dad, what I shared with you might make you both worry and wonder, at the same time. Please don’t worry. Don’t be troubled by my growing up years. Your support and care is more than I could have asked for. I want to meet all your expectations and make you happy. And I’ve found a friend who can help me do it. Please welcome this friend of mine. I’m sure you’ll like my new friend and his name is “NURTURE 4 FUTURE”



Your Child’s Brain

Sharing is Caring:

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