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Sharing is Caring:


How do you make the world a better place to live? A world which is more comforting, loving, kind and peaceful.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to do this is by performing acts of kindness and caring in your everyday life.

If children are inspired and motivated to do this from their very tender age, being more loving and kind would be their second nature.

Its all about initiating the movement with your child and injecting the sweet, innocent virus of love & Kindness to others…..the virus will definitely infect many many lives…..

Acts of Kindness and Love could be as simple as hugging your friend who is upset, smiling and laughing more often, telling your Mom that you love her, praising your colleague, listening earnestly to long & not so interesting stories of your Grandmaa. Saying good Morning to not just your parents but also your plants and pets, showing gratitude for people in your life and so on.

These acts are as kind on your pockets as they are on others and you don’t need to go out of your way really.

When you are that kind and loving energy, you infuse so much of positive vibration in the environment, that people look to be around you and be best friends with you.

Our aim at 8th Wonder is to mould children to be messengers of love, kindness and peace to create an everlasting impression in their lives and lives of others.

In order create a bigger movement; I have started with Kindness Drive for children, which is conducted once every month.

In this high spirited class children come together to do Kindness activities make Kindness Wands.

To know about the Kindness Drive, you can check this link

I have explicitly listed at this link a few acts of Kindness which children can do….


Sharing is Caring:

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