Kindness Drive

Sharing is Caring:


It’s a small initiative by 8th Wonder to keep the torch of love and kindness alive. This drive is conducted once every month and is targeted at kids of the age group of 5 to 12years.  Kids from various schools assemble together with the common objective of spreading kindness & love.

Children make beautiful kindness cards and wands all by themselves in order to promote kindness. These beautiful cards and wands are meant to be passed on to random people inviting them to do perform few acts of kindness.

Children also sing, dance and play games on the same underlying agenda.

The main idea behind this drive is to inculcate a habit of being more kind and loving in children as they are the torch bearers of the future.

Participation in such drives would help children to foster love and kindness feelings & further bloom their heart chakra which is the centre of compassion & love.

Not only this when a child touches an adults heart with kindness, its impression on the adult is more lasting & profound.

For children these drives are Total Masti & Dhamal; and the best part is they are almost free.

Sharing is Caring:

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