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Hello Beautiful Parents!


I am sure you must have attended or contemplating to attend one of the motivational programs happening in and around your area. The question arises why do we need to attend these programs? To ignite the dying spark within us, to help us push our limits and achieve the bigger goals, to learn to be in state of positive thoughts and so on and on… Well many of the ideas/techniques taught in these so called life transforming programs are known to us already…..But still we attend them….Why? Because reigniting the spark or being affirmative is not part of our DNA.


What if these things can be a part of our DNA, a part of our auto correction system….we could self-adjust ourselves whenever we felt low, dejected, unloved and so on. Well this is possible if we are made aware of and are trained in the “Power of Meditation” and “Power of Affirmation” at a very early age in our lives….If we can train our children to not just grow mentally but also emotionally, socially and spiritually, we can always have that spark alive.


The future times are going to be even more challenging and competitive, problems would be intriguing as never and solutions would almost seem illusive.


“Nurture for Future” program developed by 8th Wonder exactly trains your children to embrace life with ease, joy and glory.



Just imagine that if you would have attended such a program at your young age.

How different the world would have been!

Sharing is Caring:

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