Sharing is Caring:


As charity begins at home, I have listed a few humble acts at home for your loved ones.

  1. Help your Mom to set the plates and serve the family
  2. Help your Grandparents with small tasks
  3. Give a comforting hug to your Mom when she is upset with something
  4. Thank Your Mom for the wonderful meal cooked
  5. Serve a glass of water to your Dad
  6. Help your brother/sister with homework or anything that is required

Other acts

  1. Say thank You to person who drove you in the cab
  2. Smile at people in the elevator
  3. Throw trash in dustbin
  4. Let someone behind you in queue go first.
  5. Give compliments to people around you.
  6. Feed stray animals
  7. Buy things from children at the traffic signals
  8. Say Good Morning to your plants
  9. Assist your friend in his project work
  10. Assist your classmates who are weaker in studies
  11. Visit an orphanage
  12. Directly donate your clothes/toys to people staying on roads.
  13. DO not throw the leftover food instead insist your parents to come along with you and give it to people staying on roads
  14. Use more please and ThankYou in your daily conversations.
  15. Thank your community helpers
  16. Put a Thank You note for your best teacher in a random place
Sharing is Caring:

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